Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sculpture Faces

Right now in Senior Studio I am working on making faces out of clay. Each one is about 5" long, approximately, and is made from air-drying clay (no kiln required!). I have 11 so far and am hoping to make as many as possible out of the 50lbs of clay that I bought.

For some of the more recent ones I've been looking at pictures of faces and drawing inspiration from unusual facial features and expressions.

One of my favorites so far!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Photo class trip to New York

Getting ready for the drive included jumping Sophie's car, losing keys and a backpack, cleaning out Sophie's car, etc, all of which delayed our departure!
Sophie, Victoria, Leah and Sophia in Chelsea. Cute!
Meredith on the phone through a gallery window.

Pipo with Sophie, Leah and Jimmy buying empanadas in the background.
Sophia in Topshop!
We made a quick stop at B&H on Sunday before heading back to Oberlin- I took one picture (trying to capture the little green bins rolling around on the track!) but then was stopped by an employee.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Yu Jinyoung

A Family In Disguise
These are beautiful! A Korean artist represented by Union, a gallery in London. http://www.union-gallery.com/content.php?page_id=3063

Daniel Eatock

week 25
Colour Coordinated: week 25

Daniel Eatock is a conceptual artist I really admire. He keeps a website where he establishes a train of thought, an aesthetic via humorous photos, and then asks his readers to contribute photos they take of similar ideas. Here is his introduction to the Picture of the Week series:

Picture of the week

This is an ongoing project originally started at Foundation 33 that was open to submissions from friends, colleagues and people passing through the studio.

Since starting Picture of the week, I notice myself looking for incidents, alignments, coincidences, view points, temporary situations, small things that go unnoticed that should be recorded. I see the work as conceptual observations and ideas not as photography. The image is not as important as the content, the title is as much apart of the work as the photograph.

An equally important part of this project is the submission from others received via email. These pictures are displayed in the Thank You section, and credited to their maker.

week 36

Door From The Car in Front: week 36

He has many different series of his work; the largest is probably the Thank You series, submitted by others. Other projects of his include drawing perfect circles by hand on many, many sheets of paper, covering a fruit bowl with fruit stickers (I'm currently making my own at home, haha), and generally searching to create an archetype which will become so widespread and well-understood that people will stop noticing it's there (this is the definition of an archetype). He designed a webpage layout that he hopes will become the standard for visual artists' online portfolios.

Display Book Shelf
MDF shelf, 6 feet long, 1 foot wide, 3/4 inch thick, resting on two metal brackets displaying books borrowed from Belk Library. The shelf sags under the weight of its contents in a graceful arc, the top edges of all the books are perfectly flush as a result of a conscious selection of volumes chosen to accommodate (or compensate for) the arc of the sagging shelf.

Alex Bank
Bus Stop: Thank You Alex Bank

Check out www.eatock.com . I'm a huge fan.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Theora Fits In part VI

Tower City. Only had about 20 minutes to shoot, and since it was my first time 'performing' Fitting In in a busy, public space, it was a little weird and most of the shots didn't turn out. We actually got in trouble for this shot; Thank You Ally Sterman. If I have time I'd like to go back and work on this more.

Theora Fits In part V

Theora Fits In at the construction site. Thank You Pauline Zaldonis.

Just my hair! It's a character all by itself, I think.

Theora Fits In part IV

Theora Fits in the Art Department! Need to edit down more.
On one hand, I want to make these more 'performative' with more people in the background, but on the other hand, today in my Senior Studio critique of Theora Fits In, people seemed to respond more to the photos with simpler backgrounds and fewer distractions/ figures/ etc. They said that my framing and color choices were stronger in some of the simpler ones where I'd thought it out more.

Today I just tried to think less about what I was doing, and just DO it. Just FIT IN, take pictures. I did a bunch more locations than this, but these ones were the best.

Tomorrow, if it's not raining, outside on the playground and the construction site. If it's raining, grocery store. Regardless of weather: Tower City, in the suitcase, indoors and outdoor locations, art library.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Theora Fits In (part III)

At the Laundromat today! Which one should I print?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shooting from a grey day in Chicago

Two associated images

Courtesy the New York Times Online; photo of Japanese school kids on a field trip to the legislature. They are wearing masks because of Swine Flu.

Courtesy Dana Davis Photography (my uncle); he was shooting for La Brea Bakery in CA. He is wearing a mask for health code reasons.

I really like these two images together and am planning to work off of them somehow.

Daumier Sculpture

When I was at the Art Institute of Chicago over break I was strolling along in this most AMAZING museum and came upon a collection of Daumier (the 19th-century French artist who did many caricatures in drawing, lithograph and sculpture) busts. This series was made by the artist in clay and then later has been cast in bronze by various methods by museums hoping to prolong the life of the works. Each bust is a caricature of a different political figure of the time; the name of the series is "Celebrities f the Juste Milieu". I just love these heads! They were also displayed in a very pleasing way- to make it look like the busts were sitting in a political house with raked seating. The expressions and exaggerations of each of the heads are so comical and endearing. I am interested in attempting to make some of my own caricatures or silly characters in bust form.

These photos were just what I found on the internet- unfortunately I did not have my camera with me!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Garfield Park Conservatory

Went to the Garfield Conservatory today- a free nature park with greenhouses as well as outdoor gardens. I know lots of people won't look at photos of plants, myself included, but I thought the lighting on these few turned out quite nicely. I'm using a Nikon D50 this week, on loan from my photographer uncle! Thanks Dan!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Theora Fits In part II

Here are some un-edited (i.e., not color or contrast corrected) images from my last photo shoot on this project. I have had a crit in Pipo's class and am planning to continue with this project. I have a lot more ideas and am hoping to shoot in Chicago, where I'm spending my fall break.